Mini On The Bubble Quilt Tutorial

Mini On the Bubble Quilt
Mini On the Bubble Quilt

Happy Tuesday everyone! I promised many this tutorial today. If there is any component that is not clear or does not make sense just ask away. No question is a stupid question in my life.

I made this mini using 81 squares as to me that is how the gradation worked out best and still kept this within Mini size. I cut my squares using the AccuQuilt system which I love for projects like this. I used the 2.5″ square die that cuts squares and the 1 3/4″ die for circles.

AccuQuilt system
AccuQuilt system

Fabrics – I used the Silent Film Layer Cake by Kona – you could use a Charm pack as you do not need as many as are in the Layer Cake I just liked cutting 9 squares at once that you get from each slice of Cake and I was using for other projects as well.

Kona Silent Film Layer Cake
Kona Silent Film Layer Cake

I did cut a square of Kona white for the centre and used Kona snow in the other four surrounding squares. These do not come in the Silent Film palette. See my square layout below.


After the first cut with the die on the circles (it cuts two at a time) I kept the fabric scrap to use as a Fussy cutting window which I then placed over spots of fabric to see if I liked how the piece would look and centre any animal figure. Then I would rough cut that out and lay it on the die – I would do six at a time this way (so three layers of fabric – you can do up to six layers but I was nervous about potential shifting as these are fussy cut as well with rough cut pieces I figured in some spots there could be six layers and why push it).

Fussy cutting
Fussy cutting

Next, I lay out how I felt the circles looked best on the squares – pointer, if you have an extra cutting mat just do that on it as then it makes for easy transport back and forth from machine and iron etc. I choose to glue baste after experimenting with doing circle raw edge applique which does work really well. If you want to do hand needle-turn applique cut your circles at 2 1/4″ if you want the exact effect I achieved as that gives you your 1/4″ seam allowance all around. There is a size for this on the die I used as well.


In the end I loved my Big glue stick vs my EPP glue stick as it was the perfect size – I assembly lined glue and iron then back to design area not to mix them up.

Glue basting
Glue basting

Next I joined them in pairs – I prefer to pin as I like to ensure seams and edges all align especially when working small as a tiny shift gets very magnified – and quickly! I also press my seams open. After I made pairs I then joined into sets of 2 by 2 then 2 by 4. For each “row” it will become a 2 by 4 and a 2 by 5. So you are now laying out rectangles. I did this again to avoid shift as single rows can get wonky very fast – in my house anyways!

Be pin happy!
Be pin happy!

In the end I ended up waiting until I was ready quilt to sew down the circles. I used my darning foot and Free Motion Quilted using white Aurifil thread going three times around each circle. I reverse stitched at the start and the end and just trimmed the threads closely vs burying them. Do three off kilter passes to make it look more organic. I used cotton batting and still got a nice bubble effect with the circles.

Stitching circles - showing the three times around
Stitching circles – showing the three times around

To finish I then stitched closely beside each horizontal and vertical seam in Aurifil light grey thread lining up just the one edge of one toe width and ensured I stitched between the circle edge and seam as made each pass. I started in the centre seam going straight across. Once one line is done just turn and come across the other side of the seam – again this creates less shift. To travel to the next seam just sew staright along the edge until you reach it. I quilted this part just using my basic piecing foot not a walking foot.

A quick binding – Kona black from a jelly roll is perfect size and no cutting needed.

Have fun with this and showcase some of your favorite lines – I may do one with my Tula Scraps next for my sewing area. Post pictures using the hashtag minionthebubblequilt as I would love to see your take on this fun project!

Blog tip of the day

A quick tip for today is to ensure you add Tags and Categories to your posts. This brings your posts up as other search different areas. It is recommended to use 5-15 tags. Yes, I am just learning this one myself so I need to start tagging away. Word press gives a great example of a recipe for brownies to describe the difference between a Category and a Tag. Say you are posting  recipe for brownies. The categories would be Dessert and Baking. Tags would be Chocolate, Brownie and Walnuts. Happy tagging!

For example in today’s post I used Mini Quilt and Tutorial as categories and AccuQuilt, Cotton and Steel, and Fussy cutting as some tags.

Quilt tip of the day

Rebel Quilt in process
Rebel Quilt in process

Here is another tip for HSTs that I seem to be doing endless amounts of lately. I just finished all the blocks for my Rebel Quilt (pattern by Libs Elliot). To trim these HSTs I always use a square with my diagonal ruler line laying directly on the diagonal seam of my HST. Trim the top and the right edge flip the HST and do the same again. Now you will have a fully square HST not just one the size you are aiming for. And yes, I cut my squares all 1/8″ larger than the pattern calls for remember – you are trimming to square up anyways so why not.

Random Fun Facts about me

So 20 things about me – with four days left this week I will post five a day.

1) I am the youngest of 5 (four older brothers and I was adopted)

2) I was published when I was in Grade 8 (poetry) – I was a big short story writer and poems.  I did start writing a novel when my twins were born – still have it have finished 200 pages and the whole outline – a medical thriller

3) I have twins! – girls aged 11 – and a boy who is 13 and a younger girl who is 9.

4) I used to wish I had lived during Little House on the Prairie times so I could ride my horse to school everyday… I guess it still would be cool to ride him to work everyday!

5) I think about my father every single day. Miss him dearly, and love that he gave me this life. He passed away suddenly in 2007 and I was able to get from the airport to his bedside before the ambulance arrived and see him before he lost consciousness. I will remember and cherish that moment forever and it still feels like yesterday.

Tomorrow – some more fun random facts about myself and tips!

Until then,


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