Treasure Hunt

I was going to post all about swaps today. Oddly enough, if you follow me on Instagram you will see I received lots of happy mail today! A few of my swaps all came in at once!

So between my staging photos and sending thank yous my time was stolen today.

Okay, okay what really stole most of my free time was this:

Vintage Singer with cabinet
Vintage Singer with cabinet

Yes! I started an Upitis Quilts Facebook page last night so that I can link the Blog to it as yes, that is another blogging tip! And, well, I stumbled onto a craft market site and this was for sale only 15 minutes away from me. I have been wanting one of these for so long. A change of cars over lunch was needed. DH did not ask why I needed his car, nor what I was picking up – yes, good seasoned quilter husband!

So after setting this baby up it was time to head out to the ranch, where I am now, as APQS arrives here tomorrow (if they can find me – no address and directions are drive over bridge, turn at wood sign, if you cross big river you’ve gone to far!) My Millie should be arriving early afternoon so you know I will post pics of that tomorrow!!!

Random Things About Me 

1) I am a certified Horse Breeder – I went to Olds College when I had my first child and took maternity leave (he just came with me to class in a sling – I am big supporter of Attachment parenting).

2) My first sewing machine was a Bernina and I am very loyal to them.

3) I have a fear of bridges – irrational – but I will even undo my seat belt when driving over a very long one just in case I need to get out quickly!

4) I lived in the Dominican Republic for a semester of university and I’m fluent in Spanish.

5) My favorite food is lobster but I never get it as we really do not eat out (I love to cook and well we have four kids…) and living in the Prairies!

My swap blog will have to wait until the weekend. My vintage singer and Long Arm trumped it!

Until then ,


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