The Workshop

Christine by LUKE Haynes
Christine by LUKE Haynes

I am so excited to announce that LUKE is coming to #YYC the first weekend in May 2016. He has agreed, with a lot of arm twisting, to teach how he does his amazing figures! For the FIRST TIME EVER. He says this will be the one and only time he will do this. It is a big favour to me. Love this guy!

We are currently deciding where in Calgary to hold the three day course so that we have a lot of space to work and a large printer. This is being kept to a small group and the first people to submit payment will secure their place. I will not hold spots without payment. Please go to this attached link for details and for the registration:

We will also have a fun event on the Friday or Saturday night that you can join, even if you do not attend the workshop, this will be limited in numbers as well and LUKE and I will be leading the tour. Use the LINK above to register. If you have any questions or cannot get the link to work please email me at

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