#52weekswith the quilters planner WEEK 2


I am very excited to be a part of the Quilter’s Planner again this year.

This year @gnomeangel and @thequiltersplanner are running a weekly challenge to make the weekly block found in your planner called #52weekswiththequiltersplanner.

I decided to join in and I am making a sampler using all Anna Maria Horner along with some solids. To fit all 52 blocks, (53 unless you use your wild card), into the quilt I am downsizing the 12.5″ unfinished blocks to 9.5″.

I do have measurements I can share for last week’s block if you would like.

Here is my WEEK 1 block:


WEEK 2 BLOCK: DOVES IN THE DAYLIGHT by Michelle Bartholomew

This is a great tutorial so I will not redo the tutorial – my only pointer is to use the 8 HST method outlined in the reference section of your Quilter’s Planner.

You want to make 32 HSTS that are 1.5″

To do so you want the two pieces of fabric to be 4 3/4″



I have written the measurements into Michelle’s diagram for you:


It is a beautiful block and a well laid out tutorial. Feel free to comment or email if you have questions or get stuck making it 9.5″ unfinished.

My final block:


Have fun and until next week’s block!














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