Block 5/52 #52weekswith thequiltersplanner “Chronograph”


Here is my 9″ block (9.5″ unfinished) version of @meadowmistdesigns block this week.

I named mine Rose Garden and picked my Anna Maria Horner fabrics to try to create a path through a garden.

The tutorial for this is found on Cheryl’s blog but I will give you measurements for my down sized block here.


Here is my worksheet for the block with measurements written in – high tech I know! Each row should measure 3.5″ × 9.5″. The hourglass blocks use 4.5″ squares (1) + (1) to make two 3.5″ hour glass blocks. Then use 3.75″ squares to make the smaller hour glass blocks 2.75″ (4 squares of each fabric in the hourglass to make 8 – you will only use 7).

For the path: from my light colour I cut (2) 1.25 x 10″ (1) 1.25″ x 7.5″

The darker fabric I cut: (2) 1.25 x 7.5″ and (2) 1.25″ x 10″

Have fun with this! The fabric selection really changes the look of this one and it is interesting to see what they all look like on #52weekswiththequiltersplanner

Until next time!








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