So this is not my #bestnine2017

(I’m waiting until the 31st 😘)

I want to introduce you all to something I’m extremely excited about for 2018 ❤️
Let me introduce you to #beeinspired2018
Eight women who have formed a group to inspire each other creatively over the next year.
Very much #inspiredbybeesewcial we will be using creative prompts to inspire the others in the group to create original modern improv blocks for the Queen Bee.
A modern take on the traditional bee.
Let me introduce you to the eight: (from the top L going clockwise)
If don’t already follow all eight please do! I am honoured to have these ladies join me in what will be amazing creative journey in 2018!

Follow along to Bee Inspired in 2018

I will do my best to post the monthly prompts here as well. We will be taking February off for QuiltCon and then the summer months and December.

Until then,


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