So this is not my #bestnine2017

(I’m waiting until the 31st 😘)

I want to introduce you all to something I’m extremely excited about for 2018 ❤️
Let me introduce you to #beeinspired2018
Eight women who have formed a group to inspire each other creatively over the next year.
Very much #inspiredbybeesewcial we will be using creative prompts to inspire the others in the group to create original modern improv blocks for the Queen Bee.
A modern take on the traditional bee.
Let me introduce you to the eight: (from the top L going clockwise)
If don’t already follow all eight please do! I am honoured to have these ladies join me in what will be amazing creative journey in 2018!

Follow along to Bee Inspired in 2018

I will do my best to post the monthly prompts here as well. We will be taking February off for QuiltCon and then the summer months and December.

Until then,


Artist Inspiration

Artist Inspiration

I just received the most incredible post on Instagram: @dmasse just notified me that he used my quilt September Dawn, as inspiration for his Grade 3 Art class. They did their own take on September Dawn making chalk drawings. I so love his post and I am blown away to have been used in his class. That to me is what this is all about – the ripple effect.

Please take a look at the amazing work his student’s produced and the incredible work he is doing with them in San Diego:


Block 5/52 #52weekswith thequiltersplanner “Chronograph”


Here is my 9″ block (9.5″ unfinished) version of @meadowmistdesigns block this week.

I named mine Rose Garden and picked my Anna Maria Horner fabrics to try to create a path through a garden.

The tutorial for this is found on Cheryl’s blog but I will give you measurements for my down sized block here.


Here is my worksheet for the block with measurements written in – high tech I know! Each row should measure 3.5″ × 9.5″. The hourglass blocks use 4.5″ squares (1) + (1) to make two 3.5″ hour glass blocks. Then use 3.75″ squares to make the smaller hour glass blocks 2.75″ (4 squares of each fabric in the hourglass to make 8 – you will only use 7).

For the path: from my light colour I cut (2) 1.25 x 10″ (1) 1.25″ x 7.5″

The darker fabric I cut: (2) 1.25 x 7.5″ and (2) 1.25″ x 10″

Have fun with this! The fabric selection really changes the look of this one and it is interesting to see what they all look like on #52weekswiththequiltersplanner

Until next time!